Farm Facts

  • It is a fact that well designed and maintained tracks and raceways are one of the secrets to a productive farm business.
  • They make it easier to get around the farm, reduce wear and tear on farm vehicles, and help prevent lameness in stock.
  • Dairy cow lameness can cause losses of up to $200.00 per cow in the first 10-12 weeks of the milking season
  • Good tracks and raceways also improve water quality by keeping dirty water out of waterways.
  • Farm maintenance is tax deductible.


Dairy New Zealand “FARM FACT TRACKS and RACES” See link tracks & races (8.0 Farm Infrastructure)




Correct race construction is essential to ensure good cow flow, reduce lameness and avoid environmental impacts. Poor race design will result in a breakdown of the surface, a build-up of mud and effluent, and waste money.



It is highly recommended that you utilize a professional road/track construction contractor when laying down tracks.  The shape and drainage of tracks is extremely important as it will have an impact on cow flow, lameness, and the repairs and maintenance which will be required.